Biscuit Medal.
The Raymond Roussel Society Medal to John Ashbery

2017, unique piece of 930 silver plated in gold. Its interior is holds a cookie in the shape of a 5-pointed star.

The medal of honor that the Raymond Roussel Society awarded to John Ashbery was the fruit of a special collaboration between the artist and designer Joan Bofill, the well known jeweler and sculptor Enric Majoral and the noted pastry chef Jordi Roca (Celler de Can Roca).

The medal’s unique design recalls the star-shaped biscuit that Roussel saved from a luncheon with the popular and admired astronomer, Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) in 1923. Roussel had an urn made out of crystal in which to keep it. After Roussel’s death in 1933, Georges Bataille happened upon the urn in a flea market and purchased it. Bataille then presented it to Dora Maar, who included it in the exhibition, Objets Surréalistes, at the Charles Ratton Galerie in Paris, in 1936.


2017 “Talking about Art: John Ashbery and Raymond Roussel Legacy in contemporary Art”, New York, USA
Participants: Joan Bofill, Mary Ann Caws, Peter Consenstein, Sozita Goudouna and Thor Halvorssen.